Not particularly linked with the MeetMe app, although that did give me a taste, but it occurs to me that, laying myself open like this there is sure to be an army of men making comments about what a sad loser I am. “Ha, ha, sado can’t get a girl” and similar.

And I can’t say that the thought inspires me to continue. Much like in my last post, I had thoughts about stopping this before it really gets started. But still, part of me wants to persist.

I really don’t understand what motivates trolls. As I said earlier, I’ve been at singles events (and other events) where I would drag in a lone guy because I didn’t like to see him left out, which, ultimately could cost me my chance of the woman I crave. But I guess some things are more important to me. Everyone deserves a chance and, if I can help, then, I should. I can’t help it.

Why do some people take pleasure in the discomfort of others? It baffles me. I can only assume it helps them to feel better about themselves; if I make you look small, it makes me look bigger. Confucious said: “cutting down your neighbour’s tree will not make your own tree any taller” but I suspect most bullies have never read Confucious. 😉

I guess nice guys just always come last. 😉 If I truly believed that, I would have given up long ago. But they certainly don’t always get put first. Another conundrum for me to ponder.



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