Into the Wild, Blue Yonder

After a while, although it had not produced a girlfriend, some of the responses did get me feeling more motivated and my living situation did too (sorry mum) and so I returned to something else I had done before (although not with massive success); approaching strangers in the street. And all without the aid of a safety net. 😉

I went to shopping centres and high streets, and chatted to quite a few girls, some of them way too young (no officer, I’ll come quietly….just kidding ;-). I really am a bad judge of age – don’t ever ask me to guess yours).

Some girls acted as though an axe murdered had accosted them (you think someone’s going to rape you in a busy shopping centre???). 😀 Some girls ignored me (probably scared off by the thought that they can’t handle my hot bod. 😉 ). And I also had some fun conversations, but sadly, none of them went anywhere.

It’s possible some of them could have gone further but I think I lost my bottle a little and never asked for the phone numbers. Approaching total strangers takes it out of you. 😉

And most of you girls don’t make it easy; no wonder so many of you are single. The majority of women I approach have always treated me like some kind of weird freak. But why? How is anyone ever supposed to meet anyone else if you don’t take that first step?

Appropriate venues you say? Even as a teenager I never understood how anyone was supposed to have a conversation in a nightclub. Over the years I tried but I only ever met one girl successfully in a nightclub in my entire life.

And I’m not a great drinker or sports fan so pubs were never really my thing. I can and do go, but I wouldn’t say it was my first choice. More about that in future posts.


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