Home, Sweet Home

I arrived back in the UK almost 6 months ago, full of hope and optimism. I experienced so much of life travelling the world and made lots of friends. I almost never felt lonely and I had all kinds of plans for how to get back into life in London.

Initially, I stayed with mum while I looked for somewhere else. This turned into over 2 months (rent and landlords in London – don’t get me started). Living for almost 3 months in one corner of a living room did little for my optimism or confidence. It pretty much drained both. I put girlfriend hunting on hold (never realising it would be for so long as days turned into weeks turned into months), after all. I wasn’t really going to invite a girl back to sleep on mum’s sofa and saying you live with your mum at my age is just a little (or quite a lot) sad.

Eventually, I found a room (hurrah!) and moved to South London (it’s dark down here – no tubes 😉 ). But by now I have lost an awful lot of my initial enthusiasm for life in the UK and the looming winter wasn’t helping (give me the tropics any day) so I broke myself in gently by returning to the internet (it had worked so well before so why not?).

As I said in my last post, previously I met a number of girls through internet dating but that was before it was cool when most people thought it “sad”. I had relationships lasting from 11 months to 3 years from it so I was a fan. But god how that’s changed.

What IS it with you girls? It appears that since the numbers have grown and hence the choices have grown you are just impossible to please. If I send 100 messages I might get 5-10 replies. Out of those 5-10, maybe 1-3 will get as far as a second message.

I send witty replies, often playful (like me). But most of you just seem to run out of things to type and the line goes dead. And so I have to send another 100. Yes I’m serious. It’s not like I’m not trying.



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