What is Wrong with Me?

I am writing this diary regarding my recent attempts to find a girlfriend. I have had a number of long-term relationships previously, and then went travelling for a few years. Since I returned, I am finding it almost impossible to actually find a girlfriend leading me to ask the question above. Is it me that changed, or the world around me?

Naturally enough I have not gotten any younger (or slimmer) but I don’t think I’ve changed THAT much.

I’m not desperate (at least not right now – I’ve had moments of extreme loneliness when I would have killed (not literally please) just to have someone). I’m not after just anyone. Compatibility is obviously important. I need the right girl. Although…. past experience has lead me to believe that I’m just not destined for a lifelong partner so maybe I should say the right girls. 😀

Sometimes I want a girl 24/7 and at other times I think no way. It would drive me (and probably her) mad. But I do want something serious and long-term.

I don’t claim to be the world’s best looking man but I’m certainly not the worst. I think I look OK if a little overweight). I dress nicely (and I shower and brush my teeth 😉 ). And yet………

I’m generally pretty confident and happy chatting to girls face to face and even approaching total strangers (see later posts). I can make girls laugh (yes, when I’m trying). I’m educated, well travelled, well read, and can chat on a vast number of topics or, if not, just listen (you all SAY you want good listeners – I can do that).

Previously I met a number of girls through internet dating but that was before it was cool when most people thought it “sad”. I had relationships lasting from 11 months to 3 years from it so I was a fan.

But my recent attempts…….. see future posts.

Face to face in the street (well why not?) just seems to freak a lot of people out and even if I get a telephone number it almost never goes beyond maybe 1-2 messages. Some have even arranged to meet and never turned up. Nice! You could have at least told me not to go.

I’ve tried singles nights and speed dating (see later posts). And yet, almost 6 months after arriving back in the UK, I’m still alone.



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